About US

About Rise of Nation Academy

RISE OF NATION ACADEMY was established in 2009 at holy city Ujjain. It is incorporated for providing a better and enthusiastic educational environment to students for their all round growth in every field.

The institute was named as RISE OF NATION with the commitment to enhance the teaching to bring them in the frequency band of teacher so that RISE OF NATION becomes a reality. In Seven years of its inception, the institute has risen beyond all the expectations in terms of volume and quality of results. Our group is made of all experienced professionals. We have a motive to provide a healthy competitive environment and motivate the students for their creative thinking which help to grow up of our society.

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RON is also preparing students for competitive exams like NTSE, Olympiads etc to fight the competitiveness of future . Apart from Regular Teaching and Problems solving; the Faculty members also deliver motivational thoughts and tips to revitalize the students and keep their momentum up towards the ultimate target.

Our Vision

Group visualizes itself as a dominant player in the domain of Entrance Exams Training across the country. As an educational setup we aim to provide a platform where goals are achieved, skills are nurtured and values are built.

  • In the near future the group envisages creating international standard boarding schools across the country.
  • Promoting a publishing house delivering the content with a different approach & concept.
  • Group would look forward to leveraging the brand strength of its flagship company - FIITJEE Limited for creating diversified streams of revenue generation.

Our Mission

  • To give valued services in the field of education.
  • To participate in different spheres of education, at different stages.
  • Development & Usage of efficient tools for better delivery, connectivity and dissemination of information & content by application of modern technology.

Education with Values


  • We provide education with fully dedication and heart.
  • Systematic approach.
  • Qualified & Experienced Faculty.
  • Best Teaching Methodology.
  • Learning Environment.
  • RISE OF NATION ACADEMY is successful due to its unique teaching methodology. It has always updated itself according to educational atmosphere in society and other competitive exams.
  • A quick revision at the final stage of course completion.
  • We believe in quality rather than quantity hence an appropriate batch size is always maintained at RISE OF NATION ACADEMY.
  • Library facility for continuous learning and gain of knowledge.